Must Do Things In Thailand : The Real Taste Of Thai Tea (And Thai Iced Tea)

No matter how many time you have visited Thailand or never visited at all, you have heard about Thai tea or Thai iced tea. The famous tea is always listed on every drink menu in Thai restaurant.

Thai tea and Thai icaed tea in glass| Love Thai Maak

But have you ever wondered how the real Thai tea taste like?  

When it comes to tea drinking in Thailand, hot tea barely comes across local minds since Thailand is hot pretty much 24/7.  That’s why Thai iced tea is the most popular drink of all drink Thai restaurants inside and outside Thailand.

Thai tea and Thai icaed tea in glass from Top| Love Thai Maak

Basically Thai iced tea is very easy to make (Thai tea + Sugar + milk or half&haft). Here at Love Thai Maak, we want you to have the best Thai experience in Thailand, so here we go: You can find a fancy place for Thai tea that they make by drawing make tea and milk and air mix perfectly, but the best place will give you the best authentic experience is at tea and coffee stalls or carts you will find on the street.

Thai tea and Thai icaed tea making by experienced drink maker| Love Thai Maak

Best bet is when you find the Thai tea maker who looks like this kind and experienced tea maker above, you are tasting the most simple and authentic Thai iced tea that all of your Thai friends grew up with. Isn’t it the best thing to fill your traveling energy up?

Thai tea and Thai icaed tea making by old school drink maker| Love Thai Maak

Like local Thai tea? What heavy delicious stuff like Grilled Chicken you will find right next to the Tea stall? Also finish up with refreshing Thai ice cream which probably super easy to find on the sidewalk as well.