Try Out Yummy Insects In Thailand: The Real Taste

We are so sure you have heard about insect eating in Southeast Asia and some of you might put as one of items on things to do in Bangkok and Thailand. There is no doubt that Thailand is one of the countries that eating insects is a part of everyday life. If you would like to know why in the world Asians eat these crunchy creatures, check 4 regional Thai foods out! For this article, we are focusing on the insect experience only, so let’s just not wasting any more time and just head to fried Thailand’s insect stalls!

Things to do in Bangkok Insect Eating Love Thai Maak Variety Of Choices

Wooooooo! Wait! How can we choose from tons of options?!? Here is the answer for you 🙂

What is the most popular (probably most delicious) type of insect for try out?

Things to do in Bangkok Insect Eating Love Thai Maak Rod Duan or  Bamboo worm “Rod Duan” or  Bamboo worm

“Rod Duan” is the most common and the easiest type of insects to start with. How to? Just eat the whole thing. Though it’s better for beginners to have it with soy sauce and pepper, but we recommend to try without any spice, so you could test the best of it. What does it taste like? Probably potato chip, so be careful that you might not be able to stop once you start.

Things to do in Bangkok Insect Eating Love Thai Maak Ging Leed or CricketGing Leed” or Cricket

At this point after Rod Duan, we bet you can’t wait for the next level. Here you go! We make the cricket as intermediate level because it’s not as small as the bamboo worm and it has legs and wings! You just have to rip those legs and wings off. And just like that, enjoy the taste of Thai cricket which some people they taste like nuts or avocado. Let your taste buds decide!

Things to do in Bangkok Insect Eating Love Thai Maak Tak Ga Taen or Glasshopper“Tak Ga Taen” or Glasshopper

Tak Ga Taen is one of the most popular insects for Northeastern locals. We consider the glass hopper as our advance level for the brave taster like you. You have to pay extra careful to their long legs and small spines on those legs! Also because glass hoppers are normally bigger than crickets, their shells are also harder as well. But that also means they are more crunchy! Most people say they taste like crunchy chicken, of course everything taste like chicken as they says. Why don’t you just prove it? 😉

Things to do in Bangkok Insect Eating Love Thai Maak Maeng Da or Giant Water Bug “Maeng Da” or Giant Water Bug

No more waiting, here we go our HIGH ADVANCE level: Giant Water Bugs. Different than other insects we have mentioned, this is gigantic insect with super hard body shells. Thai locals don’t eat them as a snack but use them as one of the most important ingredients of the famous  Maeng Da paste chili sauce or “Namphrik Maeng Da” (which we have to warn you the smell is very unique! And not everybody likes the smell.) For this high advance level, not only you have to get rid of wings and legs, the very hard shell on its body is very strong with a very hard spine on it. You probably not going to enjoy it as a snack like other insects, but definitely unique experience and the very unique smell you have every smell on earth! This might not be for everyone but since you are in Thailand, why not try? Add a little bit of exotic taste on your Thailand trip and make the most of it!

These delicious insects can be found at vendors on Bangkok streets and pretty much everywhere around Thailand especially local market in Northeastern region. Did we mention there are tons of types of insects, so don’t be surprise if you see people walk around with scorpion sticks.