How To Pick Deliciously Authentic Thai Restaurants In Thailand

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What about this Thai restaurant?


One of items on many ‘what to do in Thailand’ lists is to taste a real Thai food. The real Thai food might taste wayyy different from what you have experienced outside Thailand. Of course there are a lot of Thai restaurants in Thailand, but how to find the real one?



Here is a check list for finding good Thai place that will keep you coming back again and again.

Number of customers

It’s pretty obvious that a number of customers mean the place might be good. But wait! You got to look at people in the queue too. Do they look Thai? If yes, then it might worth to wait.


If the smell of spiciness hits your nose, then you are more than half way of finding food paradise. As you probably know the Thais love their spicy foods, the place makes that smell will likely

Chef  (food maker, seller whatever you’d like to call)

Good food comes from experienced chef as universal rule of thumb. The question is how could you know who is experienced? It’s a speed! Whichever restaurant can make food FAST, the place tend to be very authentic. If you can speak or familiar with Thai language, listen to their accents. To buy real SomTum (papaya salad), Isaan accent is way to go!

Ingredient containers & CookwaresHow To Pick The Best Thai Restaurants in Thailand | LoveThaiMaak

The older, the better. Super dark frying pans, old pots are recommended. Many restaurants use them generation to generation. Wouldn’t you want to try the restaurant that has been more than twenty years?

Food review

The world has changed, non of food treasure can be hidden anymore. There are so many restaurant review sites on the internet. Or you can just simply stay connected with Love Thai Maak, we are not skinny, yes we love foods!

Now it’s your turn to go out and explore a real Thai food, let us know about your experiences.

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Tips: If you find the place you’d like to try but there is no English, just point to whatever name on a menu and see what they will bring to you. Travel is exciting. Isn’t it?