How To Take A Public Bus In Thailand: Very Local Experience

How To Take Thailand's Public Buses | Love Thai Maak

Have you ever wondered what it is like to take public bus in Bangkok?

We know this is not the most convenient way of traveling in Bangkok, but don’t you want to try something exciting? If you know Thailand or have Thai friends, you probably know they are loving to help you when you are lost like…when you take a public bus.Think about how many people get a chance to do what locals actually do. If you are one of those COOL people who want to try Bangkok public bus, here are tips for you:

Bus Stop Sign in Thailand |



<– Look for a bus stop sign like this.




Under the sign you will see the bus lines that stop at the sign or somewhere obvious at the shelter. The means you have to know which line go to which destination  Once you get on the bus, find place to sit or walk all the way inside the bus, allow others to get on&off the bus easily by not standing around the bus door

Thailand Bus Fare Collector | LoveThaiMaak.comPay by coin and try to avoid using bigger bill than 50 THB Bill. It’s considered quite rude if you do so because it’s not easy for the fare collector to give you a change while the bus is running. 20 THB bill is PERFECT since most fare will be under 20 Baht unless you are talking the bus across Bangkok.    After you tell the fare collector where you are heading to and finish the payment, say “Thung Laew Bork Duay.” (means let me know when we arrive) Write down this word and put it in your wallet, then you are good to go.

Listen to the fare collector, he/she will be telling about the stops. Also because you are foreigner, they will pay special attention that you get to the right destination, so keep look at them, they will likely look at you and let you know when you reach the destination. When you arrive your destination, ring the bell by the door. Look on the LEFT every time for motorbike and small vehicles.

Does it sound fun? Now it’s your turn! Just don’t forget these words from heaven “Thung Laew Bork Duay”.

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