4 Regional Authentic Thai Foods You Definitely Should Try At Least Once

Food food food…everyone loves them, indeed, everyone knows it’s not just about what you eat for filling your dinner time, it’s a flavor of culture. What about the flavors of Thailand? According to Thailand geography, the country divided into 4 main regions (Central, North, South, and Northeast.) Here are 4 regional authentic Thai foods you should try when you are in Thailand. And we encourage you to put trying diverse Thai food on your things to do in Bangkok list.

Tom Yum Kung | Love Thai Maak

A Very Famous Tom Yum Kung

Let’s start from the flavor of Central Thailand (Bangkok and nearby provinces.) The center of Thailand is considered as the most abundant area in the country. You will experience every rich flavor of Thai food due to the rich of food resource. Technically, what you have experienced in most Thai restaurant inside or outside of Thailand are central flavored. Some of most famous dishes from central are Tom Yum Kung (shrimp spicy soup), Tom Kha Kai (chicken galangal soup.) As you can see from the example dishes, many dishes from central have a lot to do with coconut milk.

Move up to the North. The North of Thailand used to be the main capital of the country. That being said the region is traditional rich as well as the food flavor. Northern people like to eat from their pedestal tray called Khan Tok which is a small traditional dining table. Compare to other regions, the Northern food is a bit milder, but please don’t underestimate the spiciness of Thai mild taste if you are new to Thai food. Some of famous Northern dishes are Khao Sawy (Northern Thai noodle curry soup), Nam Prik Num (Northern Thai green chilli dip.) Don’t leave Chiangmai if you haven’t tried those dishes.

Sataw Pad Kung (ster-fried shrimp with sataw bean and shrimp saste) | Love Thai Maak

ster-fried shrimp with sataw bean and shrimp paste

Now let’s go down to the South of Thailand. Because the south s surrounded by Thai Gulf and Indian Ocean, fresh seafood becomes everyday meal, what a place to be! You might find the Southern food a little bit intense. Many dishes have at least a little bit of shrimp paste (be careful if you’ve never tried before.) Some of famous Southern dishes are Sataw Pad Kung (ster-fried shrimp with sataw bean and shrimp paste), Kang Tai Plaa (fish organs sour soup, trust me it tastes better than it sounds.) Don’t forget to order these authentic dishes next time when you are in Phuket.

The final destination of Thai food tour is Northeast or Isaan. Though the Northeastern part of Thailand is not a popular tourist destination for both Thais and foreigners, but Isaan food is one of the most popular food of the country! Due to a lack of food resource and a very dried land of the Northeast, insect became to be the easiest protein the locals can easily find. If you have been to Thailand, you will see how popular of Isaan insect is no matter where you are in Thailand. Did I mention that at least 50% of street food you can find in Thailand is Isaan food? Yes, many of you have tried Isaan food, but didn’t even notice. Some of famous dishes of Northearn food are Laap Moo (spicy minced pork salad), Som Tum Paraa (papaya salad with pickled fish.)

Notheastern CultureOf Eat Bug In Thailand | Love Thai Maak

Northeastern Bug Eating In Thailand

There you go. 4 very different authentic Thai flavors. Put it on your to-do list while traveling in Thailand. Local food is definitely one of the best ways to get closer to the real culture. Check “How To Find Authentic Thai Restaurant in Thailand” to make sure you get the real Thai flavor.